The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Unwrapping the Benefits of Working with an R2 RIOS Certified Electronics Recycling Company

Benefits of Working with an R2 RIOS Certified Electronics Recycling Company

As we enter this year’s holiday season, businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries are exploring ways to give back while improving their operations. You can reach both of these goals at the same time by implementing environmentally sound e-waste disposal and recycling practices.

If you decide to take this approach at your company, consider working with an electronics recycling company who is R2 RIOS Certified for best results. It just so happens that our PC Survivors’ facility in Hanover, Massachusetts has recently undergone and passed our annual third-party inspection to renew our R2 RIOS Certification status.

We’ve put together some of the most beneficial aspects of working with an R2 RIOS Certified recycling company for you to unwrap in this concise list:

Environmental Impact:

Prevent Landfill Expansion – When you dispose of electronics in an ordinary waste bin or dumpster instead of properly recycling them, their final destination will most likely be a landfill. This practice is problematic for several reasons:

  • Landfills permanently occupy space that could otherwise be used for nature preserves, housing and more.
  • As the materials in landfills decompose, they release methane and carbon dioxide. Both of these gasses contribute to the climate change causing phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect.
  • The gases that landfills emit are also flammable – posing a threat to both residents living nearby as well as wild-fire prone forests.

Prevent Groundwater Pollution – As electronic waste is left to decompose in landfills, the toxic chemicals it contains like arsenic, mercury, PVC and lead slowly make their way into local groundwater. These substances can severely stifle the health of humans, animals and plant life.

Prevent Resource Depletion – R2 RIOS Certified electronics recycling companies process your materials in a manner that allows for the finite resources they contain to be reused. A steady supply of recycled materials helps reduce the demand for environmentally destructive mining operations in developing nations.

Business Impact:

Security – Your obsolete, outdated or otherwise unwanted electronic equipment may contain sensitive employee, customer and proprietary information. Many data breaches result from of improper electronics disposal practices and long-term storage. R2 RIOS Certified electronics recycling companies thoroughly destroy your data in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Space Too often, business owners hoard their unused equipment in closets around the office and other storage rooms due to indecision surrounding how to dispose of them. Properly recycling your equipment allows you to fully utilize every inch of your commercial space with complete peace of mind.

Personal Relations – Doing the right thing for your community and the environment by having your old electronics processed by a R2 RIOS Certified electronics recycling company is an opportunity to make ‘going green’ part of your brand. Those who you do business with, as well as prospective customers and clients, will appreciate your commitment to environmental sustainability.

About PC Survivors

If you need an R2 RIOS Certified recycler in Massachusetts or the surrounding region, our team at PC Survivors is here for you. Our experienced professionals process your materials with strict adherence to best practice techniques and regulatory guidelines. We maintain our coveted R2 RIOS Certification status through a rigorous independent inspection of our Hanover, Massachusetts facility each year.