electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding
electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding
electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding

E-Waste Recycling


e-waste recycling boston In the US, over 2.9 million tons of electronics are disposed of each year with only 20% ending up being recycled according to the EPA. Unfortunately, the rest usually ends up in landfills. Combine that with the fact that the demand for new electronic devices is rapidly increasing—more than 300 million computers and 2 billion smartphones were manufactured in 2014 but the rare and precious metals necessary to manufacture these devices is in limited supply. And, managing e-scrap responsibly has many benefits for the environment, worker safety, the economy and the bottom line.

With PCS of Mass, everything is recycled.... we disassemble and separate materials specifically for e-waste recycling and those specifically for proper disposal. Hazardous materials are separated and sent to licensed facilities which properly handle that type of waste.

ewaste recycling boston We will come out and pick up or accept all your used electronics, computers, Monitors, Televisions and old metal scrap that you wish to get rid of in the Greater Boston area. For LCD Monitors and small amounts of recycled electronics, you are welcome to drop off your used electronics at our Hanover Facility also.


Why Recycle your E-Waste with PCS of Mass?

  • Computer Recycling
  • On-site Pick Up and Haul Away
  • HIPAA Data Destruction
  • Precious Metal Recycling
  • Proper Disposal
  • Proper Handling
  • Confidentiality
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Asset Tag Removal
  • Landfill Free

Urban Mining

Urban mining is an approach to managing e-scrap that preserves limited resources while producing the materials necessary to fuel our global electronics boom. Urban mining recovers the valuable metals found in recycled electronics, and is significantly more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional mining for these metals. In fact, research published by the United Nations states that the metal deposits found in electronic stockpiles are 40 to 50 times richer than deposits found in newly mined ores. Not only that, the energy consumed during the recycling process is far less than what is used for mining virgin resources.

Although urban mining is an essential part of the sustainable recycling equation, reuse is widely recognized as the most environmentally beneficial form of recycling. However, extending the useful life of electronics through reuse comes with challenges. In the last decade, some electronics destined for reuse have ended up in toxic stockpiles in a number of developing countries around the world. This typically illegal trade and disposal of used electronics causes significant harm to workers, communities and the environment. Most of us have seen the disturbing images of children playing on mountains of e-waste, workers in direct contact with toxic materials and other hazardous scenarios. PCS of Mass is doing everything it can to keep E-Waste out of landfills and protect our limited natural resources.

Thank you for considering us for E-Waste Recycling . We look forward to providing you an estimate.