electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding
electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding
electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding

Responsible Recycling of Electronics & Components

PCS of Mass is a certified R2 RIOS Responsible Electronics Recycler providing reuse and recycling solutions to a broad base of customers located throughout the United States. Our Electronics Recycling programs provide our customers the opportunity to further their own HIPAA Compliant and Environmental Stewardship programs. Our innovative recycling programs protect companies and also help reduce the potentially harmful impact e-waste has on the environment.

electronics recycling
  • Being an R2 recycler requires compliance with all International Laws and Legal Requirements.
  • Peace of mind and protection for your companies personal data.
  • No landfilling and maximal reuse of electronics
  • Using an R2 certified company can reduce your risk of environmental liability, data breaches, and damage to your brand resulting from improper management of your used and surplus equipment.
Minimizing Your Risk Our Certifications



We strictly adhere to all proper Electronics Recycling compliance methods and protocols such as Gramm Leach Bliley. PCS will also assure that all Computer Recycling is handled in full compliance with state and federal regulations. PCS guarantees that all customer requests for proper disposal, handling, and/or disposition will be honored. For example, these requests may include data and/or hardware destruction, asset tag removal, and/or redeployment of material. PCS will assure that all computer recycling is done in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.

Regardless of what your company may deem excess; from castaway, obsolete systems, LCD Monitors, and mainframes, to the latest and greatest networking and phone systems. PCS can provide you with Boston computer recycling solutions. Our experts can perform a confidential asset appraisal to evaluate your disposal program and make suggestions on how to better meet your computer recycling goals.


Our service team will work with you to arrange a bi-weekly or monthly electronics recycling program.

About 10 years ago, a growing recognition of the need for safe standards and accountability set in motion the move toward certification for the electronics recycling industry. Through a multi-stakeholder process that included representatives from the US EPA, the recycling industry, original equipment manufacturers and other concerned parties, the safest and most sustainable practices for electronics recycling reuse were identified for inclusion in what is called the R2 (Responsible Recycling) Standard. The R2 Standard was initially published in 2008, with an updated version released in 2013. PCS of Mass is proud to be a Certified R2 Standard Member.

Thank you for considering us for your electronics recycling. We look forward to working with you.