Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day with Our Electronics Recycling Clovers of Wisdom

Go Green for St. Patrick's Day with Our Electronics Recycling Clovers of Wisdom

Whether you are Irish or not, there’s always a little more luck in the air in March. Even so, our planet needs a lot more than a collection of four-leaf clovers to maintain its natural splendor. A good place to start is by taking proactive steps like properly disposing your computers, cell phones and other electronic devices. Doing so will help prevent them from taking up space in landfills and causing environmental issues.

We are encouraging you to join us in going green for St. Patrick’s Day with our electronics recycling clovers of wisdom.

Ditch the Dumpster
Don’t mix electronic waste with other trash in your dumpster. Securely store your equipment and digital media until it can be processed professionally. This will ensure it is properly recycled and that your data has been completely destroyed.

Out with the Old
Your outdated, obsolete or otherwise unwanted tech shouldn’t be left to collect dust in your office closet or other storage space. Long-term storage poses the same environmental and security risks as improper disposal. When you purchase new electronics, make a plan to recycle the items they will be replacing in a timely manner.

Beyond the environmental risks of old tech, it could also cause cyber security issues. Old tech hanging around your office gives nefarious actors an easy target to steal sensitive data.

Keep it Simple
The easier a policy is, the more likely people are to follow it. Adding a drop-off box to your office for hard drives, old phones and other media can help increase employee participation in your electronics recycling plan. For larger items or in more sensitive industries, you’ll want to designate a secure room for temporary storage.

Purchase with Purpose
Many modern computers, monitors and other electronics are designed to consume less resources without compromising performance. When you shop for equipment to replace your recycled electronics, be on the lookout for energy saving models. These machines will usually feature a blue Energy Star certification sticker.

When in Doubt, Reach Out
At PC Survivors, we help businesses, professionals, municipalities and others in the Metro Boston area and throughout Massachusetts go green year-round. We have been recognized for the efficiency and environmental sustainability of our electronics recycling practices with R2v3 RIOS Certified status. We take great pride in this designation and maintain it by undergoing meticulous third-party inspections annually. Additionally, our data destruction methods meet and often exceed all standards set forth by in HIPAA, Gram Leach Bliley, GDPR and all other applicable legislation.