electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding
electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding
electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding

Optical Media Shredding Services

cd shredding boston When you're choosing an Optical Media Shredding solution provider, you need more than promises that they will strictly adhere to proper federally mandated destruction methods. That's why we are R2/RIOS certified and a NAID member to give you peace of mind. We are frequently audited for proper computer hard drive destruction and Optical Media Shredding sanitation.

optical media shredding boston In today’s day and age, CDs and DVDs contain massive amounts of information. Proper destruction and disposal of them is vitally important to any companies’ information security plan. PCS of Mass is therefore proud to offer a multitude of data destruction and optical media destruction solutions for any business. We can come to your site or you can ship or drop-off your optical media to us to destroy.

Our High-security, OMDD shredder is designed to shred up to 2,500 CDs or DVDs an hour at 22' per minute into 43/50 x 157/1000 pieces (The same size recommended by the NSA for Classified information). This high-security shredding meets D.O.D. and NSA/CSS 02-01 mandatory security requirements and ensures sensitive documents are destroyed at the highest security level. Continuous-duty motor delivers continual shredding so we're in and out before you know it.

The information stored on CDs and DVDs was once considered harmless information, but awareness is now high that this data can actually cause great harm if it falls into the wrong hands. Data breaches have happened on large scales in a number of highly publicised cases in recent times, and all it would have taken to prevent is for a quality, reliable optical media shredding service to dispose of the old discs.

In fact, GDPR guidelines place an even heavier burden of responsibility for companies with their information security practices. No company can afford the shredding of optical media to be a mere afterthought, as data destruction practices need to be demonstrable and effective for compliance purposes. And any data breaches could bring hefty consequences down upon a company that didn't take information security seriously.

It's important to bear in mind that not all shredders will do a complete job of destroying optical media. Some shredders feature a CD slot and claim to destroy CDs and DVDs, but they only cut two parallel lines to split a disc into 3 parts. With enough determination, a data thief could reconstruct that disc to some extent and retrieve some or all of the data that was stored. This is why you need an optical media shredding service that meets national legislation for security requirements.

Shredding is a better practice than burning a disc for data destruction. It means that you can still have the physical remnants of the disc as a record that the disc existed, which is helpful if you have security audits that need proof a disc has been destroyed. As the information security bar is raised by GDPR, you need to ensure you have all your bases covered, so don't try to cut corners with the destruction of optical media that contains sensitive data.

Thank you for considering us for your Optical Media Shredding. We look forward to providing you a quote.