electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding
electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding
electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding

Secure Data Destruction

secure data destruction boston When you're choosing a secure data destruction solution provider, you need more than promises that they will strictly adhere to proper federally mandated destruction methods. That's why we are R2/RIOS certified and a NAID member to give you peace of mind in using a certified secure data destruction provider. We are annually audited for proper computer hard drive destruction and secure data destruction sanitation.

Don't trust your companies Data Destruction to a un-certified recycler.

data destruction secure boston
Once we take custody of your Hard Drive/SSD/Data Destruction, they are placed in secure locked containers and transported via secure vehicles equipped with GPS back to our secure site for Data Destruction. Unlike other recyclers, we provide multiple verification methods to personally ensure your companies sensitive data is properly destroyed and unrecoverable.

We use the latest technology and techniques for safely destroying your Business Data. Hard Drive Shredding and Kill Disk Hard Drive Erasure are the most compliant forms of Corporate Data Destruction. Hard Drive Shredding is the act of physically pulverizing and mangling media and Hard Drive/SSD/Data Destruction into unreadable pieces. The Department of Defense recommends Kill Disk Hard Drive Erasure via the NISP Manual 5220.22-M however Hard Drive Shredding is recommended as the definitive solution. PCS of Mass provides both solutions together or separate per your preference and is able to come on-site and securely and safely compliantly shred your media and then provide you with a detailed report. We also provide off-site and on-site Data Destruction Boston and securely transport media via locked containers under supervision. We are HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and EPA Compliant as well as a NAID Member.

Thank you for considering us for your Secure Data Destruction . We look forward to providing you an estimate.