Class is in Session! See What Happens When Your Electronics Reach Our Warehouse

As students get ready for the first day of class, businesses and other organizations are scrambling to prepare for the return of a full staff and routine work schedules. Whether you’re going back to school or getting back to business, shopping for new supplies is often at the center of these efforts. If you plan on replacing outdated, broken or otherwise unwanted computers and other electronic devices with new equipment – it is important to do your homework about how to properly dispose of old devices. Failing to do so can expose you to identity theft, financial fraud and other data breach related crises.

At PC Survivors, professional data destruction and e-waste management solutions are our best subjects. Want to learn more about how we can help protect your company and the environment? We are kicking off the fall semester with a virtual field trip to our Hanover, Massachusetts facility where we’ll showcase our cutting-edge recycling stream.

The ABC’s of E-Waste Processing
The first step in our process is receiving your materials. You can drop them off at our facility or we will send our team to pick up your electronics at your location in our secure vehicles. When your items reach our facility, we weigh and begin to sort them.

Where possible, up-cycled materials undergo hard drive data wiping, tag removal, testing, cleaning and, finally, R2 ready labeling.
Cables, plastics, batteries and base metals are sorted and delivered to appropriate recyclers for resource recovery and repurposing.
Our skilled technicians carefully disassemble your computers, monitors, copy machines and other more complex items. Parts like CRT glass and toner can be sent for reuse right away.

Any component that stores sensitive information, such as drives, memory boards and circuit boards are shredded, and all data is destroyed before they are shipped for material recovery. We use powerful equipment, including industrial strength OMDD shredders, to ensure your sensitive information is permanently destroyed and eliminated.

Once your e-waste has been completely processed and delivered to the appropriate recycling facilities, we can provide you with a certificate of destruction and certificate of recycling completed.

Top of the Class Recycling Practices
If you need professional data destruction and electronics recycling services, be sure you study up on the company that you choose to work with. Inquiring about certifications is a good place to begin your research. RIOS and R2v3 certifications represent the highest standards for best practices and sustainability within the e-waste management industry. At PC Survivors, we are proud to hold both designations and maintain them by consistently passing annual examinations of our facility and methodology with flying colors.

Easily visualize how we process your electronic scrap with the helpful flowchart below…