electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding
electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding
electronics recycling data destruction hard drive shredding

Why R2/RIOS Certification?

What if you could improve your companys bottom line, increase revenue, reduce business risk and boost your competitive advantage all at the same time? Now you can. By investing in RIOS or R2/RIOS certification, your company can upgrade to the highest, most responsible standards in recycling. If your business needs a better way to improve its operations and safety, and pass ongoing government audits, certification is the way to go. RIOS (for all materials) and R2/RIOS (for electronics) certifications assist recycling facility owners and managers with business management and profitability, marketing and sales, operational and employee safety, preparation for future laws and regulations, and overall public perception.

It's the gold seal of approval in the recycling industry.

Only R2/RIOS certifications boost customer confidence and retention, change the mindset of employees, meet industry regulations and help recycling businesses stay ahead of industry changes. The benefits are tangible. Facility owners can expect fewer fines, customer complaints and workers compensation claims because of safer practices. Companies can gain protection against data theft and privacy infringements. Another bonus: RIOS and R2/RIOS meet numerous international standards, allowing your facility to easily establish relationships across borders and facilitate trade.

Environmentally safe facilities

The Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) allows a recycling facility to stay ahead of market changes and to adhere to top performance standards ultimately increasing profitability. The RIOS management system standard for quality, environment, health and safety (QEH&S) includes the operational advancements found in ISO 9001 (Q), ISO 14001 (E) and OHSAS 18001 (H&S) all wrapped into one. If you currently have other certifications, you can easily adopt RIOS through the implementation guide that is included with RIOS membership. The guide serves as a consultant in a book, offering a step-by-step resource at your fingertips, eliminating the need to hire outside experts to implement the program. RIOS is nationally accredited by the ANSI ASQ National Accreditation Board, which means recycling facilities can be certified by ANAB accredited third-party auditors to verify RIOS conformance.

Thank you for considering us for your electronics recycling. We look forward to working with you.