New Year, New CPUs.
Set Electronics Recycling Resolutions for Your Business in 2023.

December is an ideal time for businesses of all sizes to prepare and strategize for the months ahead while counting down the last days of the year. Oftentimes, these efforts include upgrading office equipment with more powerful and energy efficient models. While new machines have the ability to quickly improve your productivity and reduce your carbon footprint — improperly disposing your old electronics can have the opposite effect. We’ve put together some key concepts to consider when planning your electronics recycling resolutions so that you can confidently start your new year with new CPUs.

New Year, New CPUs. Set Electronics Recycling Resolutions for Your Business in 2023

Break Bad Habits
Don’t drop the ball by throwing away your computers, servers and other devices in standard dumpsters or waste bins. In addition to being environmentally irresponsible, these practices can expose your organization to potentially devastating data breeches. The same can be said for letting unused technology pile up in storage.

Mark Your Calendar
Your electronics recycling program can only be a success if you have one. Take the time to identify technology that is due for data destruction and recycling as well as devices that are approaching the end of their life cycle. From there, you can create an overview of how and when they can be processed by a professional electronics recycling company.

Make it Work for You
Every business is unique. How your e-waste is managed should reflect that. Your electronics recycling company should be able to cater to your unique security and operational needs. For example, some industries require certificates of data destruction. You might want them for your own piece of mind as well. Certain businesses might also find that it is easier to have a mobile team at your location to destroy sensitive data on-site. Others might prefer to have their material picked up and destroyed off site. Make sure that you’re able to customize your data destruction plan to fit your unique needs.

Don’t Wait Until Midnight to Find a Partner
When it comes to your company’s digital security, a little research can go a long way. Ask prospective electronic recycling partners if they are NAID members (The National Association for Information Destruction). You should also inquire about current certifications for RIOS (Recycling Industry Operating Standard) and R2v3 responsibly recyclers.

At PC Survivors, we proudly hold each one of the credentials mentioned above. These closely coveted designations denote our organization’s commitment to best practices and environmental sustainability. Annual inspections of our facilities and methods ensure that our approach is up-to-date with all applicable standards for handling e-waste and the data it contains.

If you need a partner to turn to, our team is ready to help you.  Call 781-924-3071 or use the contact forms on our website to reach out today.