Haunted Hardware: How Your Company’s Old Computers Could Come Back to Scare You

Haunted Hardware: How Your Company's Old Computers Could Come Back to Scare You - resized

Unlike Casper, the ghosts of your data are anything but friendly. When business technology is not properly disposed of, the information they contain can live on indefinitely. In fact, when outdated electronics are left lying around the office or disposed of improperly, they could easily fall into the wrong hands. This can result in unauthorized access and widespread dissemination of your most sensitive client, employee and proprietary business data.

The Chilling Truth about Data Breaches
Even if your business is physically protected with the latest lock systems and skilled security personnel, your cache of obsolete, outdated technology and the data it contains could still come back to haunt you. According to a 2018 report by Verizon, 34% of data breaches stem from internal actors. That means that anyone from disgruntled executives to cleaning staff could be capable of exploiting your information. Damage to your organization’s reputation isn’t the only consequence of unauthorized access. If your old computers contain payment information like customers’ credit card numbers or company bank accounts, a data breach can result in complete financial devastation for your business, clients, suppliers and customers.

It can take a long time before data breaches are discovered. You may not become aware of such activity until your sensitive information is posted for sale online, fraudulent purchases are made in your company’s name or other illegal acts are brought to your attention. In a 2020 report by IBM, it was stated that on average, over 200 days elapse between a breach occurring and it being discovered. The same report suggested that to successfully contain a breach takes an average of 80 days.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters PC Survivors!
Don’t lose sleep over what may be hiding in your office storage spaces. These horror stories are intended only to serve as a warning.

You can protect your company by having your old computers and other business technology professionally destroyed and recycled. At PC Survivors, we help companies, municipalities, schools, military branches and organizations of every scale stay protected through proper electronics data destruction and waste disposal.

Our service is customized to meet your specific needs. You can choose to have your materials picked up in our GPS enabled trucks and transported to our Hanover, Massachusetts facility for processing. We can even bring our mobile hard drive shredders to your place of business to handle all disposal and data destruction on-site.

The entire process is carefully documented. We will provide you with a detailed certificate of destruction following the completion of our services – which are all backed by our R2 RIOS certification status. This coveted designation reflects our steadfast commitment to secure and environmentally sustainable data destruction and recycling practices. We believe that the widespread adoption of these standards can help to end the nightmare of landfills, soil contamination, excessive mining and other threats that improperly managed e-waste poses to our planet.