Smooth Sailing: How to Navigate the E-Waste Recycling Compliance Seas with Ease

Regardless of industry and size, all businesses generate electronic waste in one form or another. Computers, servers, mobile devices, point-of-sale terminals, printers and other e-waste that contains sensitive information must be handled in accordance with applicable regulations. Businesses who neglect to do so may face costly fines and legal action as well as irreversible reputation damage and loss of customer trust. But don’t worry, navigating the e-waste recycling compliance seas doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s chart a course for smooth sailing together.

HIPAA Compliant E-Waste Recycling in Massachusetts - Main

Traversing Choppy Legal Waters
The specific laws and regulations that apply to your e-waste recycling will depend on the industry in which you operate as well as the type of information that is stored on your devices. Understanding which specific legislative guidelines apply to your operation, and what you can do to uphold them, is essential to keeping your organization afloat. This is best achieved with a professional assessment.

For instance, hospitals, clinics, dentists and other businesses that handle electronic patient information, must do so in accordance with The U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Similarly, personal financial data utilized by banks, lenders and other related institutions is subject to the terms of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).  In addition to potentially exposing customer and employee information, non-compliance can effectively take the wind out of your company’s sails with strict penalties.

Selecting a First Mate: Team Up with The Right E-Waste Recycler
When it comes to compliance, you need a partner you can trust: a reliable electronics recycling company, like our team at PC Survivors. Our commitment to best practices is reflected in our RIOS and R2v3 certificates as well as our longstanding membership to NAID (The National Association for Information Destruction). Annual independent inspections of our facility and methodology to ensure that we are always in shipshape and ready to process your materials.

We have the insight, infrastructure, equipment and other resources to handle your e-waste responsibly. Just a few of the powerful machines in our fleet of data destruction equipment include: the AMS-1000HD-SD shredder, capable of shredding 2 thousand drives per hour, and the Optical Media Destruction Device HSM 411.2 Cross Cut Shredder, that reduces CDs, DVDs, and other optical with hardened steel cutting heads.

Preparing Your Crew: Create an E-Waste Policy
Equip your team with the knowledge and tools they need to handle e-waste appropriately. Create a comprehensive e-waste policy and make sure every member of your team understands it. This should cover what types of equipment count as e-waste, how to handle initial data deletion and the procedure for disposing of e-waste. Regular training and updates will help prevent information leaks that could potentially sink your business.

Charting the Course: Audit and Monitor E-Waste Disposal
Regularly review and update e-waste disposal process. In doing so, you identify potential compliance risks and correct them before they become a problem. Monitoring can include tracking the amount and types of e-waste generated, evaluating how data is being destroyed, and confirming that disposal documentation is complete and accurate. Upon request, we can provide you with a detailed certificate of destruction.

Setting Sail for a Compliant Future
Ready to launch your e-waste disposal plan? With the right knowledge, processes and partners, you’ll soon find your business on course for compliance. Remember, understanding your responsibilities, choosing a reliable e-waste recycling partner, equipping your team with a clear e-waste policy and regularly auditing your e-waste disposal process are all essential aspects of your map to success.

Need help navigating the challenging waters of e-waste compliance? Look to our team at PC Survivors to be your compass. Call 781-924-3071 or use the contact form here on our website to get started.