Don’t Let a Data Breach Destroy Your Summer.
Proper Electronics Recycling Could Reduce Your Cyber Risk.

How Electronics Recycling Could Help Avoid Data Breaches - Main

Finally, you’ve escaped the office and rounded up your family for a day at the beach. Umbrellas and towels are in place, the cooler is stocked with ice-cold beverages and sunscreen has been thoroughly applied. Just as you are about to get into the next chapter of your highly anticipated summer paperback – a slew of bells and buzzes explode from your beach bag. When you reach for your phone, the screen is flooded with notifications. As you begin sorting through the onslaught of emails, texts and voicemails, you quickly become aware of the crisis: a data breach has occurred at your company.

Before You Hit the Shore, Make Sure Your Digital Assets Are Secure
Don’t let this worst-case-scenario become your reality. The average cost of a data breach in 2020 was over $3.8 million dollars, according to IBM and a report by the Ponemon Institute1. Before you pack-up the Jeep with supplies and shift into four-wheel drive, take a moment to consider if your digital assets are safe from opportunistic thieves.

Did you know that tech savvy criminals, disgruntled employees and anyone else with physical access to your old computers can retrieve the information they contain? This includes proprietary, financial, medical and other sensitive data. Throwing away your obsolete, broken or otherwise unwanted equipment in standard dumpsters and recycling bins is not enough to ward off malicious actors. Long-term storage is equally ineffective, creates clutter around your office and negatively impacts the environment.

Incorporating proper electronics recycling techniques into your organization’s overall risk management strategy is one of the best ways to prevent identity theft, financial fraud, private information leaks and other costly criminal applications of unauthorized data access.

Achieve a Vacation State of Mind with State-Of-The-Art Electronics Recycling
When you have your e-waste processed by a trusted RIOS and R2v3 Certified electronics recycling company, you can relax and soak up the sun with complete peace of mind. Your hard drives, optical disks and other digital media will be thoroughly shredded and degaussed using cutting-edge equipment – rendering the data that they once contained permanently inaccessible.

Additionally, our electronics recycling team will help your business on the right side of the law. Our strict adherence to the standards outlined in HIPAA, Gramm Leach Bliley, GDPR and all other applicable legislation ensures your organization will remain in regulatory compliance.

PC Survivors Is Here to Help Save Your Summer
Companies of all sizes and across diverse industries depend on our team at PC Survivors to help keep their business and their vacations protected from data breach related interruptions with personalized electronics recycling and data destruction solutions. We undergo rigorous annual third-party audits of our facility and practices to maintain our certifications and to keep our processes up to date with constantly evolving technologies and best practice procedures.