May the 4th Be With You.
Harness the Force of E-Waste Recycling for Your Business.

May the 4th Be With You. Harness the Force of E-Waste Recycling for Your Business. - E-Waste Recycling For Businesses

The necessity for sustainable e-waste management is here and now – not a long, long time ago or in a galaxy far, far away. Harmful chemicals contaminating drinking water, increased demand for environmentally detrimental mining operations and rapidly accelerating climate change are just a few aspects of the dark side of improper electronics disposal.

According to a 2020 study by the United Nations University, the world produced over 55 tons of junk computers, laptops, cellphones and other forms of e-waste in just one year. What is more: less than a fifth of this material was properly recycled. The other 80% was disposed of with unsustainable methods like landfills, long-term storage and incineration.

This May 4th, we are encouraging you to harness the force of e-waste recycling for your business. In doing so, you will help keep our natural resources as pristine as the forests of Endor and prevent our planet from becoming a Death Star. Effective e-waste practices also directly promote the health of your company. We explore a few specific ways how in our list below.

The Optics of Going Green with Yoda
As the wise Jedi Master once said, “Always in motion the future is.” Making an effort to promote sustainability is a great way to keep your operation current as well as your image. When you have your unused electronic equipment professionally recycled, you will enjoy the satisfaction that comes with doing the right thing – as well as the potential reward of additional consumer attention. A study by Cone Communications asserts that 87% Americans will patronize a company based on their advocacy efforts surrounding issues they care about.

Help Blast Away Potential Cyber Security Breaches
When unused technology is left to collect dust in storage or improperly disposed of in standard dumpsters, it poses the threat of being breached by identity thieves, cyber extortionists and other shady characters. Perhaps this is what Darth Vader had in mind when he tempted his son Luke with the phase, “If you only knew the power of the dark side!” A reputable electronics recycling company will ensure your sensitive data is completely inaccessible to the scum and villainy of malicious actors.

Put Your Profits in Hyperdrive
Many of us can relate to the affinity for our work equipment that Han Solo expresses when he said “You know, that ship saved my life quite a few times. She’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!” in reference to his trusty Millennium Falcon. While some hardware can be nostalgic, it is best to put emotions aside when it comes time to replace it. An initial investment in energy-efficient technology can pay for itself in utility savings over time. The United States Department of Energy website indicates that office equipment with the official ENERGY STAR can provide up to 75% savings in operating costs.

About PC Survivors
No matter what your organizations specific e-waste recycling needs may be, you can rely on our team at PC Survivors to design and implement a viable e-waste recycling solution. We help businesses, professionals, municipalities and others in the Metro Boston area, throughout Massachusetts and across New England use the force of effective electronics disposal year-round. We have been recognized for our best practice methods with R2v3 and RIOS Certifications. This coveted designation is maintained through annual third-party audits of our facilities. Additionally, all of our techniques meet or exceed the compliance standards of HIPAA, Gram Leach Bliley, GDPR and other applicable regulations.