Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction – A Valentine’s Match Worth Celebrating

Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction – A Valentine's Match Worth Celebrating

From peanut butter and jelly to football and Sundays, some things seem to be simply made for each other. At PC Survivors, we can’t help but to notice the especially complimentary relationship between electronics recycling and data destruction. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we decided to explore exactly what makes these practices so compatible.

After the honeymoon of upgrading computers, tablets, cell phones and other pieces of technology is over, you are left with the task of disposing devices that were replaced. Simply throwing them away in standard dumpsters or letting them collect dust in storage can harm the environment as well as create risk exposure for identity theft and other data related crimes. When combined, electronics recycling and data destruction effectively address both aspects of this dilemma.

When you have your electronics recycled, the finite natural resources that they contain like gold, palladium and copper can be repurposed into the next generation of devices. This renewable supply helps minimize demand for mining new materials – which is often carried out in developing nations with little regard for environmental sustainability. Having your electronics properly recycled also helps reduce reliance on landfills and prevent some of the damage they can cause like contaminating ground water with lead, chromium, mercury and other hazardous substances.

Disposing of the physical elements that make up your electronic equipment only addresses half of the challenges associated with decommissioned technology. Electronic devices often contain sensitive personal and business information that could be used for nefarious purposes in the wrong hands and compromise compliance status in certain industries. Fortunately, implementing proper data destruction techniques can effectively shield you from such circumstances. The best way to accomplish this task is by working with an experienced recycling company to have your hard drives and other media wiped and shredded before processing.

About PC Survivors

When businesses in the Greater Boston area and throughout Massachusetts need electronics recycling and data destruction, they rely on our team at PC Survivors to get the job done right. Our services are customized to meet your unique application, while observing strict adherence to best practice techniques and regulatory guidelines.

Materials can be picked up on secure GPS enabled vehicles for processing at our Hanover, Massachusetts facility – or you can opt for on-site service. We can bring our mobile shredders and other portable equipment to your place of business, so that you can supervise the entire process. Once complete, you will receive a detailed certificate of destruction outlining what took place. This document can include serialized logs, full video recordings and more.

PC Survivors has been formally recognized for the outstanding quality of our services with R2 RIOS certification. We undergo rigorous third-party inspection of our techniques and facility annually to maintain this coveted designation.